Bullet Bill (from Super Mario) Character Bento

Bullet Bill (from Super Mario) Character Bento

Here's how to make a simple character bento even simpler.


Plain cooked rice
1 rice bowl's worth
Nori seaweed
to taste
a small amount
Fillings of your choice


1. Form the rice into an oblong oval-like shape with one pointed end and wrap with nori seaweed, then with cling film. Fix an elastic band around the non-pointed end to create the dent.
2. If you wrap the cling film too tightly, you wont be able to make a good dent, so wrap it loosely. If you attach the elastic band too tightly the seaweed will also tear so be careful.
3. To make the hands, use a paper template to cut out some cheese.
4. For the whites of the eyes, use a circular cutter and then cut the circle in half.
5. For the pupils, use a circular punch to cut out some seaweed and cut in half again.
6. Cut out a piece of cheese with a straw and cut in half again to finish the eyes. Layer the parts of the eyes over each other and fix to the Bullet Bills to finish.
7. Both the Chomp bento and the Bullet Bill bento are very easy to make. You can find the Chomp bento recipe here (Recipe ID: 1443856).

Story Behind this Recipe

I made these for my kids who are really into Super Mario at the moment.