"Gari" Spring Ginger Pickled in Sweet Vinegar

"Gari" Spring Ginger Pickled in Sweet Vinegar

This "gari" has a refreshing and sweet taste, with a little bit of spiciness. It's a beautiful pink color.
It tastes even better when you let it sit for 2-3 days.


Spring ginger
about 300 g
For the sweet vinegar sauce
200 ml
120-150 g
a pinch


1. Cut the spring ginger.
2. Cut apart the ginger into pieces like this. Rinse the ginger under water and rub off the debris with your fingers. (Gari turns pink if the red parts are kept intact).
3. Thinly slice the ginger from Step 2 with a knife or a peeler, and put the slices in a container.
4. In a pot, heat the vinegar, sugar and salt, and mix. When the sugar melts, pour the hot liquid into the container from Step 3 (the color should instantly turn pink).
5. Once cooled, cover and store it in the refrigerator (the color and flavor will change a bit after a few days).
6. This is a gari recipe you can make by boiling the ginger. Sushi Restaurant "Gari (Sushi Ginger)" Spring Ginger Pickled in Sweet Vinegar. Refer to Recipe ID: 1445175.
7. Tsukudani recipe "Try This at Breakfast! Spicy, Sweet and Salty New Ginger Tsukudani" Refer to Recipe ID: 2315341.

Story Behind this Recipe

I compared the taste of boiled and unboiled gari made with spring ginger - both had their own unique flavors and were delicious.