Bursting with Fruit Juice! Sparkling Jelly Treats

Bursting with Fruit Juice! Sparkling Jelly Treats

These are great for a little snack. They are my children's favorite jelly snacks, bursting with fruit juice. I'm happy just looking at these.


100% fruit juice (I used apple juice in the photo)
200 ml
Caster sugar or granulated sugar
150 g
Powdered kanten
1 g
7 g (5 g is also possible)
Boiling water
1 tablespoon


1. Soak the gelatin in hot water. Add sugar and kanten to the juice, and turn on the heat.
2. Heat over high until it comes to a boil. Adjust the heat little by little after bringing it to a boil to prevent boiling over, and reduce while stirring with a spatula.
3. Beware of reducing too much. After it has thickened overall, and is opaque on the spatula, turn off the heat. There should be somewhat large bubbles.
4. This will become like hard candy if you reduce it too much, so be careful.
5. Spread out parchment paper in a bento box, etc. You will not heat it in this, so you can secure the edges with tape.
6. Add soaked gelatin to the juice liquid, mix well, and pour into the mold.
7. After it has cooled, chill in the fridge to solidify.
8. After it has solidified, spread out the parchment paper, and cut into pieces while coating in granulated sugar. Or use cookie cutters (I used grape juice here).
9. Place into a Tupperware, chill in the fridge without covering with a lid, and dry it out while flipping over a few times.
10. This has a completely different texture 2-3 days later as opposed to eating it right away (see Helpful Hints).
11. I used a star-shaped cutter in the top photo. I cut these into squares.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this through trial and error and finally reached this. It is refreshing in the summer, and the combination of the textures of sugar and gelatin became a texture that my children like.