Bento with Rilakkuma Inari Sushi

Bento with Rilakkuma Inari Sushi

This is a bento recipe for Rilakkuma made with Inari Sushi.
You can also make Korilakkuma with a Rilakkuma hat.

Ingredients: one each Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

Inari age
2 pouches
Sushi rice (powdered sushi vinegar is handy)
as needed (according to the amount of inarizushi)
Sliced cheese (or kamaboko)
as needed
Nori seaweed
to taste
Uncooked spaghetti noodle
1 stick
Usuyaki tamago
as needed


1. Tightly pack about 1 teaspoon of sushi rice into the corners of the inari age.
2. Make a barrel shape with remaining rice using plastic wrap and fill the inari age from Step 1 with it. Adjust the size of the rice ball to the size of the pouch.
3. Wrap it with plastic wrap and adjust the shape.
4. Cut out the cheese slice with an oval shape cutter. Secure it to the mouth part with a piece of pasta.
5. Cut the ears out using the same cutter (sliced cheese is used in the photo, but I recommend cutting out of usuyaki tamago).
6. Add the parts made with nori seaweed and it is done.
7. To make Korilakkuma: Follow the instructions of the Rirakkuma until Step 3.
8. Fold the top layer of inari age in. Leave the back side as it is.
9. Shape a barrel-shaped rice ball using plastic wrap and fill it into the inari age.
10. Add the face in the same manner as the Rirakkuma and it is done.
11. A Christmas version with a reindeer cap and wiener sausage Santa hat.
12. Cut the red wiener sausage to make the Santa hat and wrap it with a thinly cut cheese strip around it. Cut out a round ball out of a cheese ball to make the pompom.
13. The reindeer's antlers can be made by cutting smoked cheese and securing it with a piece of pasta. You can also use wiener sausage or a piece of snacking kombu.
14. If you are only making Rirakkuma, it will be cute to change the facial expressions. You can make a Kiiroitori (yellow bird) with a tamagoyaki.
15. If you do not own a nori punch, you could stack 2 pieces of nori and mark a circle with a pencil cap or a round mold.
16. Use small scissors such as eyebrow scissors to cut neatly along the crease.
17. Other tools such as tweezers, various cutters for charaben are convenient to have around.

Story Behind this Recipe

Make a Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma with inari Sushi.