Smooth Custard Pudding

Smooth Custard Pudding

This is a thick and smooth delicious custard pudding. I tried making both baked custard pudding and steamed custard pudding.

Ingredients: 6 jars

Custard pudding mixture:
320 g
Heavy cream
80 g
80 g
Whole egg
Egg yolk
Vanilla beans (optional)
5 cm
Caramel sauce:
30 g
2 teaspoons


1. First make the caramel. Add the sugar for the caramel sauce and 1 teaspoon water into a pan. Apply heat and when the mixture turns the same color as in the photo, add 1 more teaspoon water.
2. Whilst still hot, pour the caramel into the bottom of the jars. You don't need to pour it in neatly.
3. Add the whole egg and egg yolk into a bowl and beat with a whisk until a light foam begins to form.
4. In a pan, add the milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla beans and heat up. Once the sugar has completely dissolved, it's time to go onto the next step.
5. Add the contents of the pan from step 4 to the egg mixture from step 3 a little at a time and continue to mix. When mixed strain through a strainer once.
6. Once strained it's time to skim off any scum. You can do this by laying a piece of baking paper over the top of the mixture and pulling it away carefully and smoothly. Do it this way and it will come off beautifully.
7. Pour the mixture evenly into the jars or whatever container you want to use.
8. Baked Custard Pudding: Stand the jars in a deep baking tray and fill the tray or pan with boiling water until about halfway up the jars.
9. Bake in an oven pre-heated to 150℃ for 35 - 40 minutes. When you gently shake one of the jars and the custard jiggles lightly, they're ready.
10. Steamed Custard Pudding: Cover each jar with a lid made from aluminum foil.
11. Boil hot water in a pan (an amount that would reach halfway up the custard pudding jars) and stand the jars inside the pan. Cover the pan with a lid and leave to steam on low heat for 8 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave in the pan for another 10 minutes.
12. Please check to see if they're done in the same way as the baked custard puddings.
13. You should now have some delicious custard pudding Jiggle jiggle.
14. Check out this caramel version too! Recipe ID: 1447146.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the custard pudding recipe that I always use. It makes custard pudding so delicious that I decided to upload it.