Packed with Iron! Spinach Namul

Packed with Iron! Spinach Namul

Featuring iron-packed spinach; a green veggie especially vital for those who are anemic or have iron-deficiencies.
Why not try Korean-style seasoning from time to time?

Ingredients: Serves 2 to 3

1 bunch
Sesame oil
1 teaspoon
Ground sesame seeds
1 tablespoon
Japanese leek
2 tablespoons
As needed
Garlic (Finely-grated)
To taste
Soy sauce
To taste
Umami seasoning
To taste


1. Chop spinach into bite-sized pieces, mince Japanese leek, and finely grate garlic.
2. Parboil spinach in salt water and squeeze out excess water. This is the most important point.
3. Put well-drained spinach in bowl, toss with all ingredients on list from sesame oil to MSG, and mix evenly with hands. Sprinkle with salt to taste and serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

Spinach namul - a standard item of Korean cuisine. I created my own version. Great tasting either on its own or in bibimbap.