Frozen Raspberry and Banana Smoothie

Frozen Raspberry and Banana Smoothie

Raspberries, bananas, yogurt, and milk combine for a healthy dessert. Really easy – all you need is the ingredients and a blender. Perfect for when you really want to have some ice cream.

Ingredients: 1 large serving

100 ml
Plain yogurt
100 g
Frozen raspberries
75 g
75 g
Sugar, to taste
about 20 g


1. First, cut the bananas and freeze them. This step is the key to making a really cool, refreshing smoothie.
2. Now, let's make it. These ingredients are all you need. If you freeze some bananas and buy some frozen raspberries, you can make it.
3. Add the ingredients into the blender in the order they are in the list. Then, add your desired amount of sugar.
4. It's ready when the raspberries and bananas are no longer hard and lumpy.
5. I usually just eat it with a spoon directly from the container, but for this post... Please alter the amount of sugar depending on how ripe your bananas and strawberries are.
6. I haven't tried it with mango yet, but please give it a go!
7. I replaced the raspberries with an equal quantity of blueberries. It's also great if you do a mix of both.
8. If using fresh berries, freeze them before use. It really makes all the difference in the taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

Do you know when you get a craving for something cool on a hot day, but you want to stay away from ice cream because of the calories? This is the perfect recipe for such situations.
Provided you don't add sugar, the sugar and milk do wonders for your digestive health.