Wiener Sausage Penguins for Bento

Wiener Sausage Penguins for Bento

You can make 4 of these from 1 sausage.

Ingredients: 4 penguins

Wiener sausage (not a coarse grind type)
A small amount
Black sesame seeds
8 seeds


1. Slice the carrot thinly, cut into long thin strips. Cut diagonally to make diamond shapes to use as beaks.
2. Cut the sausage in half lengthwise.
3. Cut into half the other way too to end up with 4 pieces.
4. Peel a little off the part that will become the stomach. Make small diagonal cuts for the arms.
5. Make a small cut with the tip of the knife, and insert a carrot beak piece using tweezers.
6. Make holes with a toothpick for the eyes, and insert black sesame seeds using tweezers. Slice of the bottoms in the shape of a V for the feet.
7. Pan-fry, and they're done .

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to add some cuteness to my husband's bentos.