Made in a Bread Machine! The Easiest Marbled Bread

Made in a Bread Machine! The Easiest Marbled Bread

Just add cocoa powder at te "mix" alert! It's exciting to see what sort of marbled pattern will be made!

Ingredients: 1 loaf

Strong (Bread) flour
250 g
Roasted sea salt
4 g
20 ~ 30 g
Instant dry yeast
2.5 g
14 g
70 g
100 g
●Cocoa powder
1 tablespoon


1. Add all of the ingredients, except for the margarine and cocoa powder, to the bread machine case and start the "Bread loaf (normal baking color)" program. Add the margarine after 5 minutes.
2. Take out the dough at the "add ingredients" signal, and divide into two equal portions. Tip: You can remove whole inner case when you take the dough out. The photo shows the 2 minutes before the "add ingredients" signal.
3. Add the half dough that you think is smaller and the ● ingredients back into the bread machine. Tip: The cocoa powder will fly around, so cover the bread pan with plastic wrap.
4. After the dough and ● ingredients have been mixed together a bit (about 2~2 1/2 minutes after the blades have begun to rotate), add the remaining dough to the back into the bread machine case. The photo shows the dough after kneading.
5. Take it out to cool after baking. I recommend slicing it horizontally instead of vertically .
6. This is a sweet purple potato and black sesame marble bread. I used purple sweet potato powder instead of cocoa powder, and added 1 tablespoon black sesame seeds (2 minutes before the "add ingredients" signal).
7. User "Marumaruchan" gave me this one. In her report, she succeeded in doing it after 5 minutes with a Panasonic bread maker.
8. One user contacted me saying they succeeded in working through Step 4 in 4 minutes with a Panasonic bread maker.
9. One recipe tester said they were able to work through Step 4 in 2 minutes.
10. I uploaded recipe part 2 "In a Bread Maker☸ The Simplest Danish Sliced Bread☸" ID: 1709390. 2.2012.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make my daughter's favorite marble bread in an extremely simple way .