Shrimp Cream Pasta with Fresh Pasta

Shrimp Cream Pasta with Fresh Pasta

I used a fresh, flat-type of pasta, but of course spaghetti is OK. You can lessen the calories by using skim milk.

Ingredients: serves 1

Fresh Pappardelle (Spaghetti also OK)
120 g (for 1)
Button mushrooms
1 bunch
Heavy cream
50 ml
60 ml
5 g
Olive oil
1 tablespoon
White wine
2 tablespoons
Soup stock granules
1 teaspoon
to boil the pasta
Salt and pepper
a small amount
Black pepper
to taste


1. Boil the shrimp and spinach and set aside. I use a silicone steamer in the microwave. Cut the mushrooms into thick slices.
2. Stir- fry the minced garlic in olive oil. Once it's cooked, add mushrooms and shrimp, fry over medium heat, then add white wine.
3. Once cooked through, add milk. When it starts to bubble, add soup stock, heavy cream, and butter. Season with salt and pepper, and boil down over low heat for 6 minutes.
4. Boil the pasta so that it's done around the same time as the sauce. This time I used chewy pappardelle, but you can use spaghetti.
5. Add spinach to the sauce. Drain the boiled pasta well, add to the pan, and quickly coat the pasta with the sauce.
6. Transfer to a serving plate and it's complete! Add black pepper if you like.
7. This is the pappardelle that I used. It's chewy and goes well with cream sauce for a delicious taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'd bought a flat-type pasta, so I made this thinking I wanted to make a delicious pasta in cream sauce. Of course, you can use skim milk instead of fat milk, and non-dairy cream instead of dairy.