Special Sale on Gyoza Dumplings? Make These Easy Winged Pan Fried Gyoza!

Special Sale on Gyoza Dumplings? Make These Easy Winged Pan Fried Gyoza!

This method comes directly from a professional chef! For just 100 yen, I was able to recreate the special flavour of restaurant gyoza dumplings. Here is how to turn fresh gyoza into delicious pan-fried gyoza with crispy "wings".

Ingredients: 2 servings

Fresh gyoza
2 packages (about 20 pieces)
Vegetable oil or roasted sesame oil
2 tablespoons
300 ml
Sesame oil for the finishing touch
1 teaspoon


1. Today's main dish is fresh gyoza!! I got 1 package for 99 yen! Here I am going to make it taste just like it came from a restaurant.
2. Don't turn on the heat yet. Drizzle some oil in a nonstick frying pan. A cast iron frying pan is best, but most people have a nonstick pan.
3. Line up the gyoza like this. Here I am using two packages. When you have laid them out, you can turn on the heat. High heat!
4. Some flour will be leftover...
5. Mix in 5 g of katakuriko (not listed) with a little more than 300 ml of water.
6. Immediately add the water mixture to the frying pan. Make it sizzle!!
7. Cover with a lid for 5 to 10 minutes!
8. Eventually the sizzling sound will grow fainter!
9. This process causes a thin skin to form. Finish by drizzling the sesame oil, starting at the edges. There is no more need for a lid!
10. Shake the frying pan so that the gyoza brown evenly. There should be a crackling sound, and a fragrant aroma.
11. Try to get them nice and golden brown!
12. When it looks like this, stop the heat! There should be no water left! Check to make sure! If there is water left you may get burned in the next step!
13. Cover the gyoza with a plate that is slightly smaller than the pan.
14. Support the plate with your left hand...
15. Leave the heavy lifting to your right hand.
16. Holding the pan at about shoulder height, turn it over forcefully to release the gyoza onto the plate. This is dangerous, so you might ask your husband or boyfriend to do it for you! Once you get used to it, it's easy to pull off.
17. Look! Such a beautiful golden colour!
18. Did you know that if you pour the sauce directly on the gyoza, it will come unstuck? (Due to the vinegar)
19. Let's eat~!!!
20. This is 3 packs of gyoza dumplings! I had to really pack them in tightly!
21. Garnish with an all purpose young onion and miso sauce. Miso is so yummy! Recipe ID: 1457641.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat crispy winged gyoza, so I made them in the way I always do. Really, I didn't want to teach my secret... it hurts just thinking about it!