Inari Sushi with a Twist - Wasabi Inari

Inari Sushi with a Twist - Wasabi Inari

I once saw a crowd of people lining up for these wasabi inari in a department store deli shop. There aren't any more lines, but I still love this taste. These are a hit in convenience stores as well!

Ingredients: 5 rolls

Inari age
5 pieces
Sushi rice
150-200 g
Wasabi leaf tsukudani
20 g
Grated wasabi
3-5 g
White sesame seeds
1 teaspoon


1. Combine the wasabi leaf, mayonnaise, grated wasabi, and sesame seeds with the sushi rice, then stuff them into the inari abura-age.
2. This is the wasabi I used. It's a specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture.
3. I used my recipe for inari age: Recipe ID: 1430273.
4. For a sweet vinegar ginger version, see Recipe ID: 1430295, a tsukemono version, see Recipe ID: 1430307, or a spicy version, see Recipe ID: 1430310.

Story Behind this Recipe

There was a line for these in a department store deli. It probably tasted like this.