Inari Sushi

Inari Sushi

Homemade inari sushi. This is your typical inari sushi bean curd sushi.

Ingredients: 20 pieces

Aburaage (squares)
10 pieces
150 to 200 ml
2 tablespoons
Soy sauce
1 1/2 tablespoons
● Cooked rice
2 rice cooker cups worth (360 ml)
● Sushi vinegar
60 ml


1. Cut the aburaage in half.
2. Pour hot water to drain the excess oil.
3. Put the bean curd, water, sugar and soy sauce in a pan, use aluminum foil as a drop lid and cook it slowly over a low flame.
4. Cook until the liquid is almost gone then turn off the heat. Stuff the sushi rice into the bean curd when the rice has cooled down. Done.
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Story Behind this Recipe

A typical inari sushi recipe.