For Children's Day! A Koinobori Cake That Kids Will Love

For Children's Day! A Koinobori Cake That Kids Will Love

I recommend this for Children's Day (May 5th, when flying carp-shaped windsocks called koinobori are flown on flag poles by families with little boys) as well as for fish lovers! I used condensed milk, which goes well with strawberries, as well as milky fresh cream.

Ingredients: 4 cakes

18 cm diameter plain sponge cake
1 piece, 2-3 cm thick
Heavy cream
Condensed milk
50 g
Strawberries (medium size)
15-20 berries
Chocolate decorating pen


1. Put the heavy cream and condensed milk in a bowl held over ice water, and whip with a handheld mixer (You can use 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar instead of the condensed milk).
2. Slice the sponge cake 1 to 1.5 cm thick. ※I used the sponge cake recipe here: Recipe ID: 1426499!
3. Place the sliced sponge cake on a piece of kitchen parchment paper about the size of an A4 sheet (or a U.S. letter-sized sheet). Spread the surface thinly with whipped cream.
4. Place a de-hulled strawberry in the middle of the sponge cake sideways, and place two more strawberries, one on each side of the first. (Place the side strawberries with the pointed ends facing outwards.)
5. Spread more whipped cream around the strawberries so that they are hidden.
6. Since the whipped cream is spread on the strawberries, the sides will be lower.
7. Lift up the paper to roll the cake from front to back.
8. Press the roll lightly to form it with the seam on the bottom. (Don't press down on the cake - try to make it as high or tall as possible!)
9. Spread the paper out. (The cake is delicious eaten at this stage too!
10. It looks like this from the side.
11. Press the open end lightly from the sides with both hands to close it up.
12. From the top it will look like this.
13. Spread whipped cream thinly on the surface.
14. Cut in half.
15. Slice some strawberries into 2 mm thick round slices. ※If the strawberry slices are too thick, they'll fall off the cake!
16. Press the sliced strawberries onto the cake starting from the thin ends as if they're fish scales. Leave the area around the thicker center of the halved cake uncovered.
17. Draw on eyes on the uncovered parts of the cake using a chocolate decorating pen. Draw the eyes on the sides, not on the top!
18. From the cut side, it looks like the carp has an open mouth.
19. I referred to Recipe ID: 1426499 "3 Ingredients! Egg, Sugar, and Flour Spongecake"
20. You can make this cake with sliced bananas, as shown in Recipe ID: 1426948 "For Children's Day! Chocolate Banana Koinobiri Cake"

Story Behind this Recipe

I remembered seeing something like this in a cake shop some years ago, and tried to recreate it.