A Farmhouse Recipe for Sauerkraut

A Farmhouse Recipe for Sauerkraut

This is the German preserved or pickled cabbage "sauerkraut". It's the sour cabbage that often comes with assorted sausages and so on.


1 kg
Coarse salt
20 g (2% of the weight of the cabbage)
Caraway seeds
5 g
Bay leaf
1 leaf
Red chili pepper
1 (cut in half lengthwise and remove the seeds)


1. Remove the core and outer leaves from the cabbage, and slice the remainder thinly with a slicer or mandoline.
2. Add the [A] ingredients to the finely shredded cabbage, and massage lightly until it starts to release moisture.
3. Put the cabbage in an easy-tsukemono (pickling) container. Make sure to include the moisture that came out when you massaged it.
4. Cover the shredded cabbage with one of the whole outer leaves.
5. Weigh down the cabbage (if you are using an easy-pickling container, make sure you screw the top on tight, otherwise put on another weight) and leave to rest in a cool dark place for about a week. Some scum in the form of foam may rise to the top. If it does, remove it.
6. When a lot of moisture has come out of the cabbage and the cabbage itself has turned yellow and sour, it's done.
7. Transfer to sterilized jars, and keep in a cool dark place. It keeps for about 2 weeks.
8. The sourness is from the lactic acid. You can enjoy sauerkraut the same way as you would eat pickles. You can use it in salad or in simmered dishes.
9. My recipe for simmered sauerkraut (Recipe ID: 1426802).

Story Behind this Recipe

We grow cabbages on our farm, too. When we have a lot I turn 2 to 3 cabbages at once into sauerkraut to preserve them.