Character Bento : 2 Octopus with 1 Sausage

Character Bento : 2 Octopus with 1 Sausage

Although I've tried a lot of things for our bento, I've been told that these octopus sausages are the cutest.
You can make two with one sausage, or four with two sausages and so on. They're very economical.

Ingredients: Makes 2 octopodes

Vienna sausages (skinless)
Black sesame seeds
4 seeds


1. Get a straw (6 mm or about average size), a pair of tweezers, and a toothpick ready.
2. Cut the sausage diagonally.
3. Poke a straw through and make the "mouth".
4. Poke a toothpick and make a small hole where you want the eyes to be and use tweezers to insert a sesame seed into the hole for each eye.
5. Prepare the feet. The center are the longest and the next are shorter. It takes 5 cuts in all.
6. Cook. Roll over on each side and the feet will spread out.
7. All done. I made 4 octopodes from 2 sausages.
8. And with 11 sausages...

Story Behind this Recipe

I did this to make my husband's bento a bit cuter!