Cute Ring Shaped Bread with Chocolate and Walnuts in a Bread Maker

Cute Ring Shaped Bread with Chocolate and Walnuts in a Bread Maker

These is a cute ring-shaped bread with walnuts and chocolate chips. Fill them in any way you like.

Ingredients: 5 breads

I used the snack-bread dough from (Recipe ID: 1104792)
*This is a buttery, tender dough
●Vanilla oil (if you have some, optional)
a few drops
Egg for glazing, granulated sugar, walnuts, chocolate chips, etc.
as needed


1. Add a few drops of ●vanilla oil to the snack-bread dough recipe from (Recipe ID: 1104792), and make the dough in a bread machine. When the dough is finished, divide it into 6 portions and round off each one.
2. Rest the dough for 15 minutes. Cover with a tightly wrung out moistened kitchen towel to prevent it from drying out. *Chop up the chocolate and walnuts in the meantime.
3. Roll each piece of dough out into about a 15 x 12 cm square. Cut in half using a pastry scraper, and cut off about 5 mm from each side.
4. Make 8 cuts as shown. (You can make more or fewer cuts as you like.)
5. Add the filling. I used white chocolate, chocolate chips and walnuts this time. Don't add too much or the dough will be difficult to roll. Roll it up from the bottom.
6. Roll it up...and then form into a U shape.
7. Flip it over and connect the ends as indicated in red.
8. Cover the joined ends with a piece of the dough, looking down on it from the top.
9. Pinch the dough closed (upper photos). The bottom photo shows how it looks when it's formed.
10. Leave to rise at 35 to 40°C until doubled in volume. Preheat your oven to 190°C.
11. Brush the the egg glaze, and sprinkle with a generous amount of granulated sugar. Lower the oven temperature from 190°C to 170~180°C, and bake for about 13 minutes until the rolls are as browned as you want them to be.
12. I rolled up the cut off dough from Step 3 and baked it too. Attention: If you brush the dough with egg glaze it's liable to burn easily, so watch it with care.
13. This is a dough for snack breads, so it has no sugar in it. You can fill it with tuna and mashed potato and form it as above too. To make the filling, mix canned tuna + potato + mayonnaise + salt and pepper + curry powder etc.
14. Attention: The (Recipe ID: 1104792) snack-bread dough is buttery and rather rich. Measure the ingredients out properly so that it doesn't get too wet...
15. has about 20 to 25 g of butter in the dough, but you can reduce it to 15 g. Whatever you prefer.

Story Behind this Recipe

*I learned this method of shaping the dough from a friend. It's cute, but I thought it lacked something without any filling, so I added walnuts and chocolate. After trying out various fillings, I decided to upload this version of the recipe.
I haven't really investigated whether this method of shaping dough has already been uploaded, but I did so anyway for my own records!