Super Soft! Pinapple (Core) Marinade

Super Soft! Pinapple (Core) Marinade

Just marinade the pork block in minced pineapple core and it becomes soft like fillet meat! It's surprisingly soft. You don't have to use the core and use pineapple slices.


Pineapple core
about 1
Any type of meat (I especially recommend a block)
Use about 1 piece of breast meat for half of the pineapple core


1. This is the pineapple core.
2. Cut into suitable pieces, then put through a food processor to finely grind it. You can also use a knife to mince.
3. Put the minced pineapple from Step 2 in a plastic bag with the meat and marinade for 1 hour. You can cut the meat or do it as a block, whichever you prefer. See Step 6.
4. When cooking, wipe off the pineapple core paste with paper towels (If you used a meat chunk, lightly wash it off.)
5. This is a salty chicken dish I used. Recipe ID: 964759.
6. 6.30.2011 - When marinating a large chunk of meat, use a fork to pierce holes to help the marinade. Let it sit for half a day, ideally a day or two.
7. Even with thinly sliced meat, add a little raw pineapple juice and set aside for a completely different experience. This can also be frozen.
8. Use in "Soraten Mama's" sweet & sour pork. Recipe ID: 1285065

Story Behind this Recipe

Pineapple has enzymes that break down proteins. I figured I could use even the cores for meat prep, and the meat became soft and creamy. We don't buy fillet at my house anymore.