Rice Gratin with Easy Homemade Bechamel Sauce

Rice Gratin with Easy Homemade Bechamel Sauce

My homemade bechamel sauce has a rich flavor because of a secret ingredient. It's very versatile! You can make this a very hearty gratin using leftovers.

Ingredients: 4 to 5 (or 2 to 3) servings

Ketchup Rice
Plain cooked rice
5 rice bowls full (or 3 rice bowls full)
6 to 8 tablespoons (or 3 to 5 tablespoons )
Green peppers
3 (2)
1 (1/2)
Wiener sausages
3 (2)
20 g (10 g)
Soup stock cubes
2 (1)
Bechamel (White) Sauce:
70 g (30 g)
Cake flour
6 tablespoons (3 tablespoons)
1 liter (500 ml)
Soup stock cubes
2 (1)
Salt and pepper
a small amount
Pizza cheese
2 handfuls (1 handful)


1. Start by making the ketchup rice. Finely chop the onion and peppers. Slice the sausages. Put butter in a pan and start stir frying the onion.
2. When the onion is cooked, add all the other rice ingredients and stir fry. When the soup cube is well crushed, add the rice and mix well. Add the ketchup and mix again, and the rice is done.
3. Distribute evenly in gratin or individual baking dishes.
4. Make the bechamel sauce: Put the butter in a wok, and when it's melted, add flour. When it's well incorporated, add the milk and soup cube, and heat while stirring constantly!
5. As you keep mixing, the sauce will thicken. When the sauce starts to bubble, turn the heat down and add the cheese. Season salt and pepper and it's done.
6. You'll end up with a beautiful, rich homemade bechamel sauce like this. Please try using it for gratin, stew and many other things.
7. Pour plenty of sauce over the rice filled dishes from Step 3. Top with vegetables of your choice, sprinkle grated cheese and panko, and bake in an oven or toaster oven until browned.
8. Creamy, rich and delicious! Homemade rice dishes au gratin are the best.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've been making this rice gratin (doria) for some time. I always used to eyeball the ingredients, so I measured them properly for when my daughter wants to make it.