Cucumber Slicing Technique for a Lively Texture

Cucumber Slicing Technique for a Lively Texture

Slice the cucumbers to create an enjoyable crunch.


as many as desired
a small amount


1. Lightly salt and gently roll cucumber on a cutting board.
2. Slice the cucumber into 2-3 mm rounds, cutting almost all the way through but leaving them attached on one side. Don't worry if you cut all the way through.
3. With the attached side on the bottom, slice lengthwise.
4. Cut into 2-3 cm sections and place in water (lightly salted to taste).
5. Drain and arrange on a serving platter. I served them with a miso dip.
6. Also check out my technique for keeping cucumbers a vivid green: (Recipe: 1187114).
7. These were sliced at an angle, so they bend a little.

Story Behind this Recipe

The texture of cucumber improves with this cutting technique.