Glazed Carrots in a Rice Cooker

Glazed Carrots in a Rice Cooker

You can make a ton of sweet glazed carrots in a rice cooker. All you need for seasoning is instant bouillon granules. Freeze them for an easy and quick addition to your bento.

Ingredients: 600g of carrots worth

600 g (About 4)
Instant bouillon granules
1 cube
150 ml
Olive oil
2 teaspoons
Bay leaf


1. Peel the carrots, slice into 5cm lengths and a width the same as your thumb.
2. Put the water and bouillon in a dish and heat until the bouillon dissolves.
3. Put everything in your rice cooker, lightly mix and top with a bay leaf.
4. I put my cooker on the quick-cook setting. Mix it once while it is cooking for a better result.
5. Check on it when it has been in the cooker for 20-25 minutes, and when the carrots have softened, it's done.
6. Quickly mix with a rice spatula, spread out and an allow to cool.
7. Divide the carrots into portions and freeze. O you can put them into a plastic bag with a zip and freeze. Break them apart before they have completely frozen.
8. You can put them into your bento in a frozen state or you can let them defrost at room temperature.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted something quick and easy to go in my bento every day. I make a lot at once and freeze. This gives me a good nutritious balance.