Chopper Onigiri Bento

Chopper Onigiri Bento

Here's a little bento with Tony Tony Chopper laughing.


Cooked rice mixed with mentsuyu
as needed
Ketchup rice
as needed
Nori seaweed
as needed
Sliced cheese
a little (enough for the pattern on the hat and the end of the nose)
as needed (enough for the cheeks and mouth)
Your favorite onigiri filling
I used cheese and bonito flakes this time


1. Wrap the mentsuyu rice in cling film and form into a round ball shaped onigiri.
2. Wrap the ketchup rice in cling film and form into the shape of the hat and brim (only make the brim part that you can see.) The rice in the photo is white only for the purpose of this example to make it easier to understand...
3. Make the horns with the mentsuyu rice by wrapping in cling film and forming a "V" shape. Make the hooves in the same way by wrapping and forming into the shape of a teardrop.
4. Carefully form the ketchup rice hat around the mentsuyu onigiri and place on top. (The mentsuyu rice is white in this picture.)
5. Once you've finished adding any other side dishes into the bento, fix the horns on. Add the parts of the face made from nori. Finally, fix the hooves on and use nori to draw the definition on the hooves.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband likes the anime One Piece but can't eat sakura denbu, so I made this with ketchup rice.