Orange Cake

Orange Cake

A refreshing cake made with whole oranges. This cake sponge is made with almond flour for a moist and light texture.

Ingredients: 1 18 cm diameter cake

For the orange simmered in syrup:
100 g
100 g
Orange curaçao
1 tablespoon
For the batter:
Butter (unsalted)
50 g
80 g
Plain yogurt
50 g
Cake flour
Almond flour
70 g
Baking powder
1 teaspoon
Orange juice
3 tablespoons
Powdered sugar
50 g
Candied orange slice syrup
1 tablespoon
Lemon juice
1 teaspoon


1. (Orange in sugar syrup) Wash the orange thoroughly and slice into 3 mm thick rounds.
2. Add the sugar and water to a pan and dissolve the sugar. Spread the orange slices over the surface and start heating the pan. When it comes to a boil directly cover the orange slices with a small lid (drop lid or otoshibuta) or a piece of kitchen parchment paper, and continue to simmer over low heat for 30 minutes.
3. When the white parts of the orange have become slightly transparent, turn off the heat, add the orange curaçao and leave to cool overnight.
4. Place 1 orange slice in the middle of the bottom of a cake tin that has been greased with butter (not included on ingredients list), Arrange the other orange slices in a circular pattern around the center slice, overlapping each slices about halfway.
5. Drain the liquid from the remaining orange slices and chop finely.
6. (Make the sponge cake) Let the butter, yogurt and eggs come to room temperature.
7. Cream the butter and add the yogurt and sugar. Mix well.
8. Add the beaten egg in 3 batches, mixing in well after each addition to prevent the mixture from separating.
9. Sift in the cake flour and baking powder in 1 go. Add the almond flour and mix well until combined.
10. Add the orange juice and the chopped orange from step 5 and mix until evenly distributed.
11. Pour the batter on top of the orange slices and into the same cake tin as used in step 4.
12. Bake the cake for 40 minutes in an oven preheated to 170℃. To check if it's done insert a skewer into the middle and if no raw batter is stuck to it when it comes out, it's ready.
13. Leave the cake to cool on a wire rack whilst still inside the cake tin. When the cake has completely cooled, remove it from the cake tin and flip it over so that the orange slices are facing up.
14. Mix the icing ingredients together until there are no lumps left and use it to glaze the top of the cake with either a brush or spoon.
15. If you want to make a stiffer icing for the top, decrease the amount of syrup used by 1 teaspoon.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a refreshing cake with citrus fruits. This is like a variation of the Orange Yogurt Pound Cake recipe (ID:566906), but I decorated it so it could also be used as a eyecatching gift.