Onigiri with a Kamaboko Rose

Onigiri with a Kamaboko Rose

Make regular onigiri rice balls pretty by adding a rose made with sliced kamaboko fish cake! Great for bentos.

Ingredients: 2 onigiri

Hot cooked white rice
1 heaping rice bowl full
Whatever filling and seasoning
to taste
(I used matcha salt + umeboshi)
to taste
about 2 slices
Snow pea (or cucumber)
a small amount


1. Slice the kamaboko with a vegetable peeler. If you slice it as if you were writing the letter L, the rose will be prettier.
2. If the slice is too wide, cut it in half with a knife.
3. Start rolling it up from the short side to make a neatly shaped rose. Make two of these.
4. Take the string off the snow pea, boil it briefly until it's a bright green, and slice diagonally to make the "leaves." If you are using cucumber, slice in the same way.
5. Flavor your rice as you would normally do for onigiri. I used matcha tea salt, but you could use furikake or "decofuri" - furikake used for decorative purposes.
6. Wrap each onigiri individually in plastic wrap, and make a dent in the middle of each. Bury half of the rose you made in Step 3 in the indentation.
7. Be careful not to crush the rose.
8. Put the onigiri in place and poke in the cut snow pea "leaves" to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

Using a vegetable peeler, I made a rose from kamaboko and placed it on an onigiri.