Bacon Wrapped Broccoli Stems

Bacon Wrapped Broccoli Stems

Simply wrap broccoli stems and cheese in bacon and fry. A really tasty dish for packed lunches or to enjoy as a snack with wine.

Ingredients: 8

Broccoli stems
From 1 bunch
Processed cheese
40 g
4 slices
1 pinch


1. Shave off the thick skin around the broccoli core and divide it vertically into 8 equal parts.
2. Boil the broccoli core in salted boiling water for 1 minute. Slice the bacon in half horizontally, and slice the processed cheese into 8 sticks.
3. Wrap the broccoli and cheese sticks in bacon, and secure the ends with toothpicks.
4. Add to a pan thinly coated with oil, and cook until the surface browns.
5. Broccoli stem wrapped in meat is also tasty. Check out my recipe at Recipe ID: 1303896

Story Behind this Recipe

When I make this I always think, "broccoli stems = asparagus." I think the stem is the most delicious part of the broccoli.