Low Calorie Turkey Sandwich

Low Calorie Turkey Sandwich

Lighter tasting than ham! Even bland turkey can be juicy and delicious with mayonnaise-based sandwich coleslaw.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Turkey, thinly sliced (or ham or other cold cut of your choice)
2 to 3 pieces (to taste)
1/2, small
Sandwich coleslaw
See Recipe ID: 1378905
Sliced sandwich bread
2 slices
as needed
to taste


1. Prepare all of the ingredients. Remove the seeds from the tomato.
2. Please refer to my recipe for sandwich coleslaw. It will boost the flavor. (See Recipe ID: 1378905)
3. Trim the crust off the bread, then toast until crisp.
4. Spread one piece of bread with margarine and mustard. Top with turkey, coleslaw, then the tomato, then sandwich it with the other piece of bread and lightly press together.
5. Cut into triangles, then eat it up. It's very juicy and delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

In America, I eat low-fat turkey more than ham. Since there's an overwhelming number of overweight people here, and the diet tends to be meat-based, I thought it would be good to cut calories to the best extent possible. Thinly sliced turkey also tastes good. Please give it a try.