Kinako Roasted Soybean Powder Whipped Cream

Kinako Roasted Soybean Powder Whipped Cream

This is perhaps addictive for kinako lovers. You may want to eat the whipped cream by itself.


Heavy cream
100 g
10 g
10 g
In other words,
the ratio of heavy cream to sugar to kinako is 10:1:1 (But you may want to first try it with half that amount of kinako))
When using it on pastries,
I recommend adding a pinch of salt


1. Whip sugar with heavy cream. It will stiffen when adding the kinako, so whip only until the cream forms a stiff ribbon.
2. Add kinako and mix well until even.
3. Adjust both the amount of sugar and kinako to taste. If you use 1/2 the amount of kinako listed, the whipped texture will be light and fluffy. By increasing the amount, the cream will become thick and heavy.
4. If you use the full amount of kinako as listed, the cream will be thick, like butter cream. I recommend using 1/2 the amount for cakes, and the full amount for pastries.
5. For the main photo, I used the kinako whipped cream as topping on matcha green tea muffins. "Oil Free Matcha Muffins" (Recipe ID: 1402469)
6. This whipped cream also goes very well with "Matcha Kanten Jello" (Recipe ID: 1496999)
7. Or use it as a filling here with "chokomi"'s recipe for "Fluffy Western-Style Dorayaki". (Recipe ID: 1115784)
8. Or, try it with "Chikapon"'s recipe for "Chocolate Banana Style Pancake for Kids". (Recipe ID:1191667)
9. Or, try a dollop with "Whipped Yoghurt With Fruit". (Recipe ID: 1385021)

Story Behind this Recipe

I love kinako! I became addicted to this when I came up with the recipe.