My Mother's Tamagoyaki

My Mother's Tamagoyaki

This is a basic tamagoyaki for bento.
This is the same flavor from when I was still living at home.
It has a simple and gentle flavor.

Ingredients: 2 people

Eggs (medium)
1 teaspoon
A little less than 1 teaspoon
◎Dashi stock granules
A little less than 1/3 teaspoon
2 teaspoons


1. Crack an egg into a bowl or a cup and whisk. Add the ◎ ingredients and mix well. Then, make a tamagoyaki like usual.
2. It uses sugar and metsuyu noodle sauce, so it tends to stick and burn easily. Please make sure to read Step 5.
3. After it has cooled, cut it into your desired portion amounts. Add it to your bento.
4. I had written to "cook over a low heat" until recently, but I received a comment that it had burned a bit. Please cook it at the lowest heat setting possible instead of just a "low heat."

Story Behind this Recipe

I have adjusted the amounts according to my preferences, but I used the same amount from back home (my mom's flavor) to make this.
I hadn't yet added my family's basic tamagoyaki recipe to MyRecipes, so I decided to upload it.