Filling Macrobiotic Bean Curry

Filling Macrobiotic Bean Curry

This filling bean curry is tasty with rice, but is also plenty delicious on it's own. It doesn't use any oil for a light flavor.


Cooked Chickpeas Recipe ID: 1060812
Minced garlic
1/2 clove
Ginger (minced)
1/2 thumb-sized piece
Onions (minced)
☆Curry powder
2 tablespoons
2/3 teaspoon
☆Canned tomatoes
1/2 can
☆Soy sauce
1 teaspoon
Non-fat milk (regular milk)
Black pepper
a small amount
1/2 teaspoon


1. Soak the lentis in water for 30 minutes. Put them in a heat-resistant container with new water, close with a lid, and microwave for 7 minutes.
2. Drain the lentis in a sieve.
3. Add the garlic, ginger, and onions to a pot and cook over medium heat. Don't use oil; cook from the moisture of the onions.
4. Once the garlic is fragrant and the onions become translucent, add all of the ☆ ingredients and cook over high heat until the tomato juice cooks off.
5. Add the chickpeas and lentils, reduce to low heat, and simmer for 7-8 minutes while occasionally stirring.
6. Add the milk and increase to high heat. Once it comes to a boil, reduce to low heat. Once the liquid has cooked off, add the honey and the black pepper, combine evenly, and it's complete.

Story Behind this Recipe

Enjoy it with rice, or have it plain! This is a filling curry.