A Family Favorite: Hot Egg Panini with Cheese

A Family Favorite: Hot Egg Panini with Cheese

The parmesan cheese is the secret ingredient.
Please enjoy the moist, smooth mouthfeel of these sandwiches.

Ingredients: 4 panini (hot pressed sandwiches)

Sliced sandwich bread
8 slices
3 to 4
* Salt, pepper, black pepper
To taste
* Milk
about 1 teaspoon
* Sugar
about 1 teaspoon
* Parmesan cheese (optional)
about 1 tablespoon, to taste
* Mayonnaise
about 3 tablespoons
To taste


1. Spread one side of 4 of the bread slices with margarine. Boil the eggs.
2. It is a bother, but divide the boiled eggs to the whites and yolks. Crush the yolks until smooth, and coarsely chop the whites.
3. Mix the egg with the * ingredients. (Adjust the amount of milk and seasonings to taste.)
4. Put the mixture between the sliced bread and toast or cook in a panini press or oven and they're done.
5. When we want to feel extravagant, we add coarsely chopped bacon to the egg mix. Bacon adds so much flavor.
6. I tried the filling in rolls too.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make an egg sandwich that didn't have a dried out hard yolk.