Simple Blanc Mange

Simple Blanc Mange

This is a sweet you can make even when you are trying to save on your electricity bill. Use whatever fruit you have available in the fridge as toppings, and go nuts arranging it as you like.

Ingredients: 6 servings

300 ml
Heavy cream
200 ml
55 g
Gelatin block
6 g
Coconut Liqueur (if preferred)
2 teaspoons
Your favorite fruit
As desired


1. Place the gelatin block in lots of water (not listed) to soak.
2. Add the milk to the honey, bring to a light boil, and add in the heavy cream.
3. Lightly squeeze the water from the gelatin block, add to step 5, and dissolve completely. Place into a hot water bath when it will not dissolve.
4. Strain step 3 into a bowl, and chill in an ice water bath.
5. Add in your favorite liqueur, and stir (optional).
6. After it has thickened a bit, place into your favorite container, and let sit in the fridge overnight.
7. Top with half-boiled-down orange juice.
8. Add 30g of passion purée to 5g starch syrup and 15g of granulated sugar, bring to a boil , let cool and place on top, then garnish with oranges and strawberries.
9. Crush this up into crushed jelly and top with strawberry syrup and gelatin mixed with water.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a Blanc Mange that I thought up which can be made even when trying to conserve electricity. I made it so that it goes well with any fruit.