Soft and Chewy Krispy Kreme-Style Donuts

Soft and Chewy Krispy Kreme-Style Donuts

So sweet and soft that if you're not careful holding these donuts you'll crush them! They might remind you of those donuts from that famous chain store.

Ingredients: 9 donuts

Bread (strong) flour
100 g
Cake flour
150 g
Dry yeast
5 g
Baking powder
3 g
Butter (unsalted)
30 g
30 g
3 g
150 g when combined with the egg
Vanilla Glaze
Powdered sugar
80 g
1 1/2-2 tablespoons
Vanilla extract
About 1/3 teaspoon


1. Measure all the ingredients. Bring the butter to room temperature. Place the flour and baking powder into a bowl and mix well with whisk.
2. In the bowl with the flour, add the sugar to one side, and the yeast next to the sugar. Add the salt on the opposite side of the sugar.
3. Whisk the egg well and bring the milk to 42-45°C. Add the milk to the yeast side of the bowl, then add the egg. Mix will with a rubber spatula.
4. Don't heat the egg and milk together!! If you heat the egg, it will start to harden! If the milk gets to over 45°C let it cool to the appropriate temperature.
5. Once the flour is incorporated, add the butter. It'll be a little sticky but keep kneading the dough!
6. After the dough becomes less sticky and comes together, transfer the dough to a working surface and knead the dough until it's glossy, about 15-20 minutes (times may vary).
7. After the dough becomes glossy and doesn't come apart when it's stretched, pull the dough from top to bottom and form a ball. Form into a neat ball with the seams sealed together.
8. Place the dough ball seam side down in a bowl thinly coated with oil. Cover with plastic wrap.
9. Let the dough rise (1st rising) at 40°C for about 40 minutes. It will double in size. If you put your finger in the dough, the hole will not close. This is the end of the first rising. Lightly deflate the dough.
10. Make 9 portions about 50 g each and like in Step 7 form into neat balls. Place into a large plastic container, put on the lid and let rest for 15 minutes.
11. If you don't have a large plastic container, cover with a well-wrung out towel and let rest.
12. While the dough is resting coat the wire rack you will use for the second rise with oil (you can use a wire rack to grill mochi for this).
13. After the dough has rested, press your index finger lightly into the center of the ball. Open the hole little by little until it's about 3-4 cm.
14. Once you've made holes in all the donuts place them on the wire rack (you don't need to cover them with plastic wrap). For the 2nd rising, place them in a warm place for 50-60 minutes or until they double in size.
15. Prepare the glaze just before the 2nd rising is complete. Place all the ingredients for the glaze in a bowl and mix. If you think it's a bit stiff then it's ready.
16. The 2nd proofing is complete. The donuts should have doubled in size and have a beautiful shape.
17. Carefully remove them from the wire rack and fry them in 170-180°C oil for 45 seconds per side (the time will depend on your pan and stove so adjust accordingly).
18. After they're done frying remove any excess oil and glaze one side of each donut. Let the glaze dry. This time the glaze was a little too thin and it didn't adhere properly.
19. Once the glaze has dried to a shiny finish they're done! If the donuts cool microwave them at 500 W for 30 seconds (without plastic wrap). They'll be just as delicious as when they were freshly made.

Story Behind this Recipe

Krispy Kreme donuts are too far from me to buy, so I wanted to replicate their recipe. After many attempts I think this recipe comes close.