Easier Than Onigiri! Rice Sandwiches With Different Fillings

Easier Than Onigiri! Rice Sandwiches With Different Fillings

These are onigi-wiches! They're easier to form than onigiri (rice balls). They look hearty too, so they're great in bentos!! Kids gobble them up.

Ingredients: 2 per serving

Nori seaweed
2 sheets
Hot cooked white rice
520 g (or as much as you like)
to taste
Filling: Tamagoyaki (sweetened omelette)
1 to 2 leaves
Egg (flavored in any way you like)
to taste
Filling: Roast pork
1 to 2 leaves
Pork (flavored in any way you like)
to taste
Any other filling is good too!
The top photo shows Spam filled sandwiches.


1. Cut the nori sheet in half. Place on top of a piece of plastic wrap that is cut bigger than the nori sheet, and sprinkle with salt.
2. Top with rice. Leave a 2cm or so gap in the middle, since the sandwich will be folded there.
3. Put egg or yakiniku (grilled meat) and so on the far side half. Put some mayonnaise if you're using egg. Top with a well dried lettuce leaf. The photo shows the filling layers in the wrong order.
4. I realized that it's easier to fold over if the lettuce is on top of the other fillings.
5. Our tamagoyaki (omelette) is rather sweet, so I thought the sandwich was tastier if I sprinkled some salt on the rice too, but this depends on your taste.
6. I always cook yakiniku with soy sauce and sugar to give the meat a sweet-salty flavor, but you could use commercial yakiniku sauce too. Sesame and miso should be good too.
7. Hold down the fillings with cooking chopsticks, and fold over the bottom part of the sandwich, plastic and all.
8. Press down firmly and wrap the sandwich with the plastic wrap.
9. The version in the top photo is filled with Spam, egg and sliced cheese.
10. I tried filling this one with leftover mapo tofu from last night's dinner for my hubby's bento. I didn't try it.
11. Since we're a family of 4, I make 4 in one go like this.
12. Put the rice on top of the nori like this.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband brings onigiri to work, and I wondered if I could pack them with more substantial fillings. So I made this on a whim and he said he had a chuckle when he ate them. I tried them myself and they were pretty good. My kids like them too.