Kamaboko Flowers Using a Vegetable Peeler

Kamaboko Flowers Using a Vegetable Peeler

These pink-edged flowers are created using a peeler to make thin strips from kamaboko. They hold together well, making them perfect for novices like me.


Kamaboko (colored recommended)
as needed
Vegetable peeler
Corn kernels, radish spouts, or your choice of garnish


1. Slice the kamaboko with a peeler. The flowers turn out better if you peel them to make slices with the color on the edges.
2. Use a knife to slice the leftover kamaboko for salad or other dishes.
3. Wrap the kamaboko with the pink edge up, and secure with a toothpick. Of course, white flowers made from white kamaboko are also cute.
4. Once the flower is secured, you can use them as a cup; open them up and fill them with corn.
5. Here, the kamaboko strips are tied in knots. Kamaboko is sturdy so it's fun to experiment with.
6. Here are toasted English muffins spread with okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise, and topped with lettuce, radish sprouts, and kamaboko strips.
7. The English muffin in the background is topped with a flat strip of kamaboko. They're easy to bite into that way.
8. Try slicing carrots or cucumber in the same way for delicious salad toppings.
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10. Kamaboko Flowers Deluxe (Recipe ID: 1452306). The green accents are cucumbers.
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12. (Recipe ID: 1782908) Use the leftover pieces from making roses.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made flowers with thin strips of peeler-sliced kamaboko.