Mentsuyu Noodle Dipping Sauce with Dashi Stock Granules

Mentsuyu Noodle Dipping Sauce with Dashi Stock Granules

No need to get flustered if you suddenly decide to make somen, soba, or other cold noodles! This is a delicious dipping sauce for cold noodles that you can make in 5 minutes.

Ingredients: An easy to make amount

Mirin (or hon-mirin)
45 to 60 ml (I use 60 ml)
15 ml
A. Soy sauce (dark or whatever you use regularly)
30 ml
A. Light sauce sauce (If you're from the Kanto area use 45 ml total of soy sauce)
15 ml
B. Water
135 to 180 ml (3 to 4 x the amount of the A. ingredients. I use 160-180ml)
B. Dashi stock granules
1/2 teaspoon
Umami seasoning
to taste
I use a small 2.5 ml measuring spoon to measure some ingredients. It's called a 'teaspoon' in Japan (a western 'teaspoon' is called a 'small spoon').


1. Put the mirin and sake in a pan over a high heat. When it comes to a boil, let it boil off for 45 to 60 seconds to evaporate the alcohol. The result is called "nikiri mirin."
2. There's another method for making nikiri mirin, which involves flaming it. This is how pros do it, but it's dangerous so I have just included the boiling method here. If you know how to flame it, do so until the flames die down.
3. If you use the flaming method the amount of liquid will be less, but the umami will be concentrated so it's fine. When the nikiri mirin is done, turn off the heat and mix all the A. and B. ingredients together.
4. Heat the liquid again while mixing well with a ladle. Just before it comes to a boil, add a little umami seasoning, turn off the heat and it's done.
5. When you're in a hurry, cool it down in the freezer. Enjoy with lots of aromatic vegetables like chopped green onion, shiso leaves, and so on.
6. Of course it's great for cold soba noodles or tentsuyu (dipping sauce for tempura). It will keep for at least 4 days.
7. Use 100 ml of this mentsuyu, 300 ml of dashi stock and 2 pinches of salt + umami seasoning to make a delicious soup for warm noodles.
8. If you use dashi stock made with konbu seaweed and bonito flakes instead of water + dashi stock granules, this will be even more delicious. Use twice the amount of bonito flakes you'd normally use to make dashi.
9. This is the mentsuyu sauce I always have stocked in the refrigerator - and authentic version. "Multi purpose concentrated mentsuyu" Recipe ID: 1388458. It keeps for 3 to 4 months.
10. It's a concentrated type that is made with proper dashi stock. You can use it for all kinds of recipes.
11. I uploaded a recipe for "Juicy simmered shiitake mushrooms" Recipe ID: 2285805, which is so useful as an accompaniment or topping for hiyashi chuuka (cold Chinese style noodles) or somen noodles.
12. I uploaded a curry udon recipe using this mentsuyu. Recipe ID: 1388532.
13. I think 160 to 180 ml of B. water is just right, but since some mentsuyu is quite concentrated, start with 130 ml and add more to taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually have Recipe ID: 1388458 "Multi purpose mentsuyu concentrate" in stock, but I decided to upload this version too since many people only have dashi stock granules on hand.
It is a bit different from the usual recipes, but I experimented many, many times in order to make a tasty mentsuyu sauce even using dashi stock granules.