Cheese-stuffed French Toast

Cheese-stuffed French Toast

Sandwich some cheese between the bread.
French toast that's not too sweet and suitable for a meal.

Ingredients: 1/2 a baguette

Easy melt cheese
2 to 3 sheets
130 to 150 ml
1 large
2 teaspoons
Herbed salt
to taste
★ Butter or margarine or mayonnaise
as needed


1. Slice the baguette into 2 cm thick. Make a slit in the middle to sandwich the cheese. Take care not to cut too deeply and separate the bread.
2. To make things easier, try doing it this way: Slice off the ends of the loaf, and make a slit at the 1 cm mark. Cut another 1 cm down from this, make a slit 1 cm down, and cut another 1 cm. This way is so much easier than inserting the slits after cutting up the loaf.
3. Halve the cheese and sandwich inside the slice of baguette.
4. In a flat container, mix the egg, milk, sugar, and salt.
5. Add the baguette into the container and press down lightly to soak both sides.
6. On a frying pan, spread out any ★ ingredient of your choice. Turn the heat to low, and toast both sides of the baguette until it's golden brown.
7. I used margarine to toast, so I added mayonnaise for the finishing touch.
8. I like this best when topped with mayonnaise and toasted, but the calories are a bit of a concern.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat a savoury French toast that wasn't too sweet.