Concentrated All-Purpose Mentsuyu

Concentrated All-Purpose Mentsuyu

This first-rate, expensive tasting, bonito based mentsuyu will keep for quite a long time. Once you make this sauce, you'll never buy mentsuyu again.

Ingredients: Standard, simple ratios

300-350 ml
Soy Sauce...A
200 ml
Usukuchi soy sauce...A
100 ml
100 ml
Thickly sliced bonito flakes (you can used dried bonito flakes too, but they more or less lose their flavor)
100 g
Kombu for dashi stock
2 pieces about 8 cm
The finished product is made from about 60-70% of the combined ingredients amounts
If you don't want to waste the thickly sliced bonito flakes, substitute half with dried bonito flakes
It becomes even better if you add sakura shrimp


1. Add the "A" ingredients and the kombu to a sauce pot and let sit for about half a day. *If you're in a hurry, cut notches into the kombu and let sit for 3 hours.
2. Heat the mixture from Step 1 on medium heat. Before it begins to boil, remove the kombu from the pot. When it boils, add all of the bonito flakes and lower the heat to low.
3. The listed amount of bonito flakes is not a mistake. This is how much you use. If you double the amount used for normal dashi stock, you should have enough.
4. Boil the liquid from Step 2 about 10 minutes and turn off the heat. *If you let the soy sauce bubble and boil on high heat, it becomes bitter, so it's important to lower the heat to low and simmer.
5. Allow to cool, line a strainer with a paper towel and strain. *As seen in the picture, if you use a strainer with small holes like a tea strainer, you don't need a paper towel.
6. When it has cooled, pour into a glass storage jar that was sterilized in boiling water and it's done. Store in the refrigerator. *It's preservative-free, yet lasts for at least 3 months.
7. For somen noodles, cold udon, or soba, use the ratio {Noodle Sauce: Water = 1:2.5~3}. If you substitute one part of the water for the water used when hydrating dried shiitake mushrooms, it's ok.
8. For standard udon and soba noodle broth, use the following ratio {Noodle Sauce: Water = 1:7.5 ~ 9 + salt as needed}. *For one person, 2 pinches of salt in 400 ml of water is good.
9. The {1:9} ratio of sauce in Step 8 should look like this color. *I sometimes use the Kansai-style light soy sauce to make the base.
10. You can dilute it however you want and use it for various noodles...If you can remember your favorite dilution ratio, then you can have the flavor of your favorite restaurant's sauce anytime, right at home.
11. If you find that the flavor of the sauce feels a bit on the weaker side after you've diluted it with water, this is probably due to the fact that the dashi wasn't made probably.
12. Before adding the seasoning, please add [Bonito soup granules] and [flavor enhancing umami seasoning]. The flavor will taste very good.
13. Not only can you use this sauce for udon or yakisoba, you can also use it for Japanese-style pasta etc. Use it as a replacement for noodle sauce in recipes. It definitely tastes better than the cheap sauces sold in the markets.
14. I always make an extra amount to preserve. But in the case of an emergency, when I run out, I always buy the brand of sauce shown in the picture.
15. If you add the water from the beginning while diluting it for somen or udon etc., it will only keep for about 3 days and it will change the flavor of the sauce a bit.
16. For example, if you think "I'm only going to use it for today's somen". It's best to dilute the concentrated sauce with dashi broth.
17. I also uploaded Recipe ID: 1392208 "Straight Noodle Sauce made from Soup Granules." It's easy and quick so I recommend it as well.
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20. I also used this sauce in another recipe for Sesame Seed Sauce and uploaded it. Recipe ID: 1770258. I recommend it with spinach.
21. I uploaded a recipe using this sauce for Seasoned and Mixed Rice (Recipe ID: 1843370).

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned this recipe from my mother.
When my mother makes this, she makes sure to evaporate the alcohol and lets the broth rest before use, but I'm pretty lazy and cut corners (haha).
Commercial mentsuyu is pretty concentrated, but I prefer a lighter version -- that's why I came up with this recipe.