Healthy Barley "Chocolate" Cream

Healthy Barley "Chocolate" Cream

This healthy sweet cream is made with just toasted barley flour, brown sugar and water. It's a great macrobiotic and vegan recipe. The taste of this cream takes me back to my childhood!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Barley flour
2 tablespoons
Brown sugar
1 tablespoon
Boiling water
1-2 tablespoons


1. Add the barley flour and sugar to a mug.
2. Gradually add hot water whilst blending the ingredients together with a spoon until you come to your preferred consistency.
3. If you blend to a firm consistency like this, it looks very much like chocolate cream.
4. You can eat this delicious cream on it's own when you're craving something sweet.
5. Generously cover a piece of Oil-free Carrot Gingerbread with this cream for a delicious dessert! (Recipe ID: 1385878).

Story Behind this Recipe

I want to eat chocolate but I shouldn't since I'm on a diet. So I made this mock chocolate cream to feel satisfied even though it just looks like chocolate. The toasted aroma of barley and a natural, rich sweetness from the brown sugar make you satisfy. Somehow this cream makes me feel nostalgic and reminds me of an old candy store.