Simple Tempeh Goreng

Simple Tempeh Goreng

This is simply fried tempeh. It's already popular with fans of vegetarian food! This is a simple and cheap dish that's eaten everyday in Indonesia.

Ingredients: 2 servings

as desired
Good quality salt
1 scant teaspoon
100 ml
Soy bean oil (or any other oil)
as needed


1. Score some cuts into the tempeh as you would with Chinese-style squid.
2. Then cut the tempeh into chunks.
3. Dip the tempeh in the salt water and fry it. It's done! Cafe-style tempeh goreng.
4. You can have a lot of fun with this recipe.
5. The tempeh looked like this until just a few minutes ago, the power of soy bean oil sure is scary!

Story Behind this Recipe

I eat tempeh almost everyday so I made these with as plain a flavour as possible. If you're serving these to adults, you can change the flavour dramatically with sambal (Indonesian flavored chili sauce).