Whipped Yogurt Cream - Serve with Fruit!

Whipped Yogurt Cream - Serve with Fruit!

This is yogurt flavored whipped cream. It's refreshing but still perfectly rich. I recommend this to people who don't like whipped cream or who are trying to eat healthier.


Plain yogurt
400 g (Strain overnight. It will become less than 250 g)
Heavy cream
200 g (Adjust according to your liking. The amount should be 0.5~2 times the strained yogurt weight.)
10% of the total weight of the strained yogurt and heavy cream


1. For example, if you use 250 g of strained yogurt and 200 g of heavy cream, the total weight is 450 g. The amount of sugar necessary is 10% of the total weight, or 45 g. You can adjust the amount to taste.
2. Combine the heavy cream and sugar and whip until firm peaks form.
3. Add the strained yogurt and mix. Done!
4. This cream goes well with fruit, so I used it in fruit sandwiches. The cream is stiff, so you can pipe it out too.
5. I often use this for Recipe ID: 139035, "Snack Bread with Acerola Cherry Juice and Yogurt Cream".

Story Behind this Recipe

My child doesn't like regular whipped cream, but she likes this. I've been creating recipes with different ratios based on my favorite chef's recipe.