Charaben Easy Snoopy Rice Ball

Charaben Easy Snoopy Rice Ball

This is an easy Snoopy onigiri (rice ball). All you need to do is stick cut-outs of nori seaweed on top.

Ingredients: 1

Plain cooked rice
a little less than 1 rice bowl's worth
Nori seaweed
as needed
Sliced cheese (optional)
as needed
Red part of Imitation crab meat
as needed


1. Form a rice ball into the shape of a fava bean.
2. Cut out the nori seaweed with scissors to make your Snoopy's facial features.
3. Stick the ear-shaped nori seaweed onto the sliced cheese. Cut the cheese slightly larger than the nori seaweed using a bamboo skewer or something similar.
4. Place the facial features onto the onigiri, and you're done!! Make a collar with the imitation crab meat.
5. Here's how to make a Woodstock with a quail egg. (Recipe ID: 1382978)

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried making this because I love Snoopy.