Omelette Crepe Flower Decoration for Character Bento

Omelette Crepe Flower Decoration for Character Bento

Just put some cuts into a thin omelette and roll--it's that easy. This simple recipe will make your bento box so much more gorgeous.

Ingredients: 1 serving

1 to 2
Salt and pepper
a small amount
a small amount
Something for the middle (kamaboko, imitation crab stick, sausage, etc.)
a small amount


1. Make a thin omelette in a frying pan.
2. Once cooled, cut the omelette to an appropriate width and fold in half. Create a fringe with some cuts as shown in the photo. The fringe should be made to the folded edge.
3. Add an ingredient to the center (though you don't have to) and wrap the omelette around.
4. Once rolled, use short piece of uncooked spaghetti at the end to fix everything in place (You could also use a toothpick instead).
5. They will look like this when added to a lunchbox.

Story Behind this Recipe

Someone asked me how to make these kinds of flower decorations for bento boxes, so I decided to upload the recipe here.