Crisp Potato and Shiso Leaf Salad

Crisp Potato and Shiso Leaf Salad

Toss the crisp potato ribbons with shiso leaves to create a refreshing dish with a subtle sharpness.

Ingredients: 2 servings

160 g
Shiso leaves
about 4
〇 Mayonnaise
about 1 teaspoon
〇 Japanese mustard (tubed)
1 to 3 cm (to taste)
〇 Sugar
1/4 teaspoon
Salt and pepper
to taste
Extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon


1. Boil a full pot of water. Cut potatoes into ultra thin strips and immerse them in a bowl of water to remove the starchiness. Julienne the shiso leaves.
2. Boil the potatoes briefly for 20-30 seconds, drain and rinse in chilled water.
3. Mix in the 〇 ingredients.
4. After thoroughly removing excess water from drained potato slices, add the mayonnaise mixture and stir.
5. Add salt and pepper to taste, and toss with olive oil and shiso leaves.
6. Plate on a serving dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since I love the refreshing taste of shiso, I tossed the leaves with a crispy potato salad, and it was a success.