For Hanami & Bentos Our Family's Tuna Sandwiches

For Hanami & Bentos Our Family's Tuna Sandwiches

The macaroni is not added for volume! By adding just a little bit, you can make your usual tuna sandwich even tastier.
Since the macaroni absorbs any excess moisture, these sandwiches don't get soggy either.
(Translator's note: hanami or ohanami is a cherry blossom viewing picnic, an annual springtime event.)

Ingredients: easy-to-make amount

Sliced sandwich bread
6 thin or 4 thick slices
Canned tuna
2 tablespoons
Macaroni, onion, salt
a little of each
Cucumber, lettuce, tomato, etc. (optional)
to taste


1. Use whatever bread you like. (I used thick sliced bread that has some rye flour in it this time.)
2. Use whatever macaroni you like too. You just need about 1 tablespoon of uncooked macaroni.
3. Boil the macaroni. Cut up the onion in the meantime. Slice it thinly or chop, and massage with some salt.
4. See the Hints section for how much to cook the macaroni. When it's cooked, drain into a colander and run cold water over it. If the macaroni pieces are big, chop them up a bit.
5. Mix the drained canned tuna, onion and macaroni together. Add mayonnaise and season with salt.
6. If you are not going to eat the sandwiches immediately, spread on generous amounts of butter or margarine. Add the tuna mixture, cover with another slice of bread, and wrap up each sandwich individually with plastic wrap.
7. Put some plates or other weights on top to let the filling and bread blend together to finish. Cut the sandwiches over the plastic wrap to prevent them from falling apart.
8. You can sandwich in some cucumber, lettuce, peeled tomatoes etc. too.

Story Behind this Recipe

The tuna-mayo sandwich with macaroni I had once was so delicious I couldn't get it out of my mind - so I decided to recreate it. With the addition of the texture of the macaroni, your usual tuna sandwich will become even tastier.