7-Grain Bread

7-Grain Bread

Use Hoshino brand natural yeast and leave the rest up to the bread maker. This thick, hard bread is full of healthy grains and it's great for sandwiches.

Ingredients: 1 loaf

Bread (strong) flour
180 g
Rye flour
30 g
Graham flour
30 g
Wheat bran
10 g
Wheat germ
10 g
Ground flax seed
5 g
5 g
Hoshino natural yeast
25 g
150 ml
8 g
Soybean oil
3 g
Leftover rice (1 part brown rice : 2 parts white rice)
50 g
3 g


1. When preparing the rice, let it sit in the water for 2~3 hours before cooking.
2. Put all the ingredients into the bread maker case, set the bread maker to the fermentation course, and turn on the switch.
3. That's all! It makes a rather heavy bread, but it's chewy and full of flavor.
4. If you toast it, it'll be crispy and delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with a recipe for multi-grain bread just like the 7-grain bread they sell at organic stores in America. This makes a delicious avocado and vegetable sandwich.