Hot Sandwiches Filled with Leftover Pork

Hot Sandwiches Filled with Leftover Pork

I always make this for lunch the day after I make roasted pork.
With creamy cabbage and crunchy toasted bread, this sandwich is really satisfying.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Leftover roast pork (or pork cutlets)
4 slices (sliced as thick or thin as you like)
Sandwich bread (crusts cut off)
4 slices
Sandwich coleslaw
Recipe ID: 1378905
as needed
Wholegrain mustard
to taste


1. Toast the bread to your liking, and spread one side of each slice with margarine and wholegrain mustard. Top with the coleslaw (Recipe ID: 1378905).
2. Slice the pork as you like, and heat it up. Then, place it on top of the coleslaw and close the sandwich with another slice of crunchy toasted bread.
3. Slice into triangles or in half, and enjoy while still warm.

Story Behind this Recipe

Rather than having leftovers, I actually set the pork aside for the explicit purpose of making these sandwiches.
With crispy toasted bread and crunchy vegetables, these hot sandwiches are simply mouthwatering.