Grandma's Simple Inari Sushi

Grandma's Simple Inari Sushi

This classic inari sushi recipe was passed down from my grandmother, then to my mother and now to me. I didn't realize the ingredients were so simple.

Ingredients: For 10 rice balls (20 rice balls)

Thin aburaage
5 pieces (10 pieces)
○ Water
300 ml (400 ml)
○ Sugar
3 tablespoons (4 tablespoons)
○ Soy sauce
2 tablespoons (3 tablespoons)
○ Mirin
1 tablespoon (2 tablespoons)
Sushi rice (Recipe ID: 1348672)
Approx. 225 g (Approx. 450 g)


1. Remove the excess oil from the aburaage (by pouring hot water or with a paper towel). Roll a chopstick over them, slice in half, then use the tip of the chopstick to peel the layers to form pockets.
2. Place all the ○ ingredients into a large pot and once it boils, add the aburaage. Alternate low to high heat while boiling (7 to 8 minutes).
3. When most of the broth has evaporated, remove from heat to cool the aburaage. Lightly squeeze out the excess cooking liquid and pack with sushi rice.
4. If you have leftover aburaage, top on a bowl of udon or soba noodles.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've tried many recipes in the past, but my grandmother's the best. This is a simplified version.