Vivid Carrot Ribbon Flowers

Vivid Carrot Ribbon Flowers

Add color to your bento lunch box with curled carrot slices. Wrap them around to form flowers!


around 1/5


1. Peel the skin of carrot and making three ribbons with peeler (width and thickness are up to you).
2. Starting with the thick side (top) of the carrot, wrap it around. Then wrap another carrot ribbon around and repeat the same with another. It should look like a flower!
3. When you pack it in a lunch box, squeeze a little bit of mayonnaise in the middle for flavor.
4. This is excellent when you need to fill up empty spaces in your bento.

Story Behind this Recipe

The idea came to me when I used carrot instead of ham to make flowers. I thought this would be good to fill gaps in bentos.