One Whole Piglet BBQ'ed

One Whole Piglet BBQ'ed

This is often eaten overseas and one part of Japan during festivals and on special occasions. You can eat it whole. It's a dish that signifies gratitude and happiness.


Use spices for seasoning (prepare your favorite kinds)
A grill to put the piglet in (one with a lid)


1. Make sure the meat has completely thawed (this should take roughly 2 days in the fridge). Make several shallow cuts into the meat.
2. The cuts prevent the meat from falling apart when cooking. It also allows the flavors to soak in when seasoning the meat.
3. Flavor with your favorite sauce or spices. (I recommend Meat Guy BBQ sauce.) Make sure to use a grill that has a lid.
4. You can't cook it directly on the flame. Place the coal into a corner of the grill, and place the piglet as far away from the flame as possible on the opposite side, and steam grill with the heat from the coal for 3-4 hours.
5. I understand that you will be tempted to open the lid and peak, but refrain from doing so as much as possible. (Increase the cooking time approximately 30 minutes every time you open the lid).
6. Cut into edible portion sizes. (The skin is also delicious, so divide it up bit by bit.)

Story Behind this Recipe

You can fully enjoy this slow spit-roasted in a low heat over charcoal just like a scene from an overseas festival!