Doll Festival Chirashi Sushi Made Easy with Plastic Wrap

Doll Festival Chirashi Sushi Made Easy with Plastic Wrap

Wrap it up in plastic wrap to form! It only takes 30 minutes if you have cooked rice ready. This was published on a supermarket flyer!

Ingredients: 1 rice cooker cup of rice

Plain cooked rice
1 rice cooker cup's worth (180ml uncooked)
Shiitake mushrooms
9 boiled
Snow peas
4 pods
Kinshi tamago (finely shredded thin omelette)
1 egg's-worth
For boiling the Shiitake Mushrooms:
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
Dashi stock
1 cup (200ml)
For the Sushi Rice:
4 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
1 teaspoon


1. Cook the rice, add in the sushi vinegar base, and make sushi rice.
2. Boil finely cut shiitake mushrooms, finely cut carrots, and flower-shaped carrots in the base. Chop up the snow peas, and quickly boil in salt water.
3. Mix the sushi vinegar and the ingredients from Step 1 together. Make a thin omelet and slice into thin ribbons (kinshi tamago).
4. Wrap the rice in plastic wrap, and use a bamboo sushi mat to shape it into a cylinder.
5. Decorate with the kinshi tamago, shrimp, snow peas, and carrots; then it is done.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is my baby's first annual festival.